Plan Deployment Consulting


If there is no plan then no one can understand! Period. A proper comprehensive plan is the “prep work” that goes into the framework and foundational structure of a project deployment as well as the aesthetics of the application.

$165.00 /HR (1-BSCEN Computer Sciences 1-BSc- Computer Programmer)













Part 2 Planning & Structuring

Planning Part 2 is equally if not more important. This is when it gets down to the real “nuts and bolts” of the project and we determine are we building a skyscraper or a four storey condominium.


Minimize Batch Size | De-Risk Assembly | Optimize Total Time-Total Impact | Scoping Phase –> Divide to Smaller Tasks –>Measurable Milestones –> Weekly Meetings with Total Team and Owner –> % of time x 1.5 (Dev Time vs. Cal. Time) –> Timebox Itemized Tasks of Project

$165.00 /HR (1-BSCEN Computer Sciences 1-BSc- Computer Programmer)










Aesthetics | Graphical Interface

If we use the automobile as a comparison it is easy to see how software functions. Cars are purchased daily and driven by millions. But, millions do not know how they went together or what makes them work or how to fix them when they do not work. Software is similar. Provided the interface is clean, easy to navigate and has an appeal those using it will generally enjoy it. Cars are purchased everyday based on interior and exterior attractiveness. It is when software does not function that no matter what the pretty interface, it still becomes ugly quick!

$115/HR Design Costs/Individual Rate



  • ┬áCorporate Image – Branding, Logo, Typography and Colour
  • Digital and Print Publications – Books, Newspapers, Directories, Reports, Magazines, Catalogs and more
  • Packaging Graphic Design
  • Website Graphic Design
  • Advertising Graphic Design
  • Book/Spread Cover Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Label Design
  • 3D Graphic Design/Videography
  • Mobile App Design
  • Custom Apparel Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Motion/Video Graphic Design
  • Vehicle Wrap Graphic Design




Consultations | On Demand Services (ODS)

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Maclau Pro is here to help, always. No different than any other business time is precious and when we provide time outside of an initial consult we must invoice for it. Time slots are dedicated for this purpose to ensure we guide and provide valuable planning advice, on demand, when you need it.

We will first discuss how much time you need, what your costs will be and any additional warranties we may or may not provide dependent on the request and subject matter.$85 /Hr (phone consult only or online Zoom Video meeting $100/Hr)




On Demand Services are services where you need us to attend your physical business location or your existing software (remotely) and make corrections or assessments. Each ODS is invoiced according to the nature of the service and must be paid in full the day of the service delivery.


  • On Location Service: $125/HR Minimum Charge 2 Hrs.
  • On Line Service: $85/HR Minimum Charge 1 Hr