Software Creation COCOMO II

COnstructive COst MOdel II,(COCOMO® II), is a calculation model that allows engineers and developers to estimate the cost, effort, and schedule when planning a new software development activity. COCOMO® II is the latest major extension to the original COCOMO® (COCOMO® 81) model published in 1981. COCOMO® II can be used for the following major decision situations; 1. Making investment or other financial decisions involving a software development effort 2. Setting project budgets and schedules as a basis for planning and control. Deciding on or negotiating tradeoffs among software cost, schedule, functionality, performance or quality factors 3. Making software cost and schedule risk management decisions 4. Deciding which parts of a software system to develop, reuse, lease, or purchase 5. Making legacy software inventory decisions: what parts to modify, phase out, outsource, etc 6. Setting mixed investment strategies to improve organization's software capability, via reuse, tools, process maturity, outsourcing, etc 7. Deciding how to implement a process improvement strategy


Growth & Development

Typically speaking, your business today is not what it was on day one or where it will be in years down the road. Ironically, as the cases are many, a company can evolve into something that the founders never knew it would become. Your internal resource managers and systems need to also evolve and change. Maclau Pro designs, with your complete participation, a system to suit all your specifications.



Maclau Pro delivers after the primary project is completed. We ensure all your team is trained and certified in your new application(s). This is costed into your Development Plan and bring it all home to your team!


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